When ‘Too Good’ is Actually True: The Facts Behind Our Rates

When ‘Too Good’ is Actually True: The Facts Behind Our Rates

It’s not uncommon for new clients who have never heard of our merchant services to first ask AdvoCharge, “What’s the catch?” It’s an understandable reaction. We take pride in approaching merchant services and credit card processing in a fundamentally different way than many of our competitors. To us, transparency and being upfront about fees for services is essential to our core mission and character as a company.

Mark Tracy, the founder and CEO of AdvoCharge started out as a small business owner himself. While operating a family run pizza restaurant, Mark kept a close eye on his bottom line and discovered an inordinate number of hidden fees and complicated rules from major credit card processing companies. The experience inspired him to create a competitive service that actually focused on delivering fair value to businesses rather than trying to take advantage of them.

At AdvoCharge, we know that business culture changes when a few dedicated people with some good ideas decide that the time is right. We also know that in the credit card processing industry numbers speak louder than words. As advocates for greater industry-wide transparency here are some figures we are proud to stand by.

  • With true cost pricing, we save our clients  between 70 to 90 percent on average over the fees paid to their previous card processor.
  • AdvoCharge does not have any hidden fees, set up fees, or cancellation fees.
  • AdvoCharge does not engage in tiered pricing.
  • AdvoCharge processing partners offer reliable, transparent reporting so our clients can see where their money is going.

The most important service we can provide to our clients is an honest accounting of our rates. We offer a free savings analysis showing your current rates compared to what they would have been if you were with AdvoCharge – just send us two consecutive monthly statements and we’ll have the analysis ready within 48 hours.  However, we wouldn’t ask a new client to take our word on it though. Just have a look at our testimonials page to see what other people have to say about our service. We’ve also been honored to be numbered as one of The 100 Best Merchant Service providers. If you have more questions about the validity of our claims, we hope you’ll reach out on social media or give us a call at (844) 238-6669.

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