Paying too much for
credit card processing?

We can lower or completely eliminate
your processing fees

How we save you money

We’ve worked with the top tier credit card processors for over a decade. During this time, we’ve brokered unprecedented processing rates. We save you time and money sharing the benefits of our long term processor relationships. These relationships in turn benefit our merchants by giving you access to the industry leading rates, technologies and support.

How we advocate for you

Relationships that matter

For over a decade, we’ve built incredible relationships with top tier processors. Your processing partner provides 24/7/365 customer support and the best array of tools to run your business.

No risk. No obligation.

Because of our reputation and expertise in the merchant services industry, we have negotiated the best rates available. With no early termination or cancellation fees, you are risk free and guaranteed savings.

Simple & straightforward

We know that integrating with a new processor can seem complex, but we make it a quick and easy. We’ve created an online app that cuts out paperwork and allows you to get set up in a single step.

Choose a savings structure

We pair you with the best processor for your business. You choose the
savings structure that works best for your business model, we do the rest.

100% savings program

Advo100 is our Service Fee savings structure. Advo100 adds a small fee above your listed sales price for customers paying with cards, and cash paying customers avoid this fee. You get the full purchase price, and the small fee for cards covers all your monthly costs.

20% lower processor fees

Meet Advo20, the traditional payment processing solution that guarantees lower fees. It’s simple; just show us what you’re currently paying and let us reduce that cost by 20%. No strings attached. Even if you think you’re getting a great rate, you’ll save more with Advo20.

Are you a start-up or new to processing?

Frequently asked questions

We like to keep things as simple as possible for you, but you may have more in-depth
questions. Visit our FAQ section for all the nitty gritty details.

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