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If you accept credit cards – we can help!


AdvoCharge can literally benefit any business that accepts credit cards.  In fact, based on our rates and services, there’s really no reason why every single merchant in America isn’t processing through AdvoCharge!

Let us know if you have questions about your particular industry type – we’ll show you exactly why AdvoCharge is right for you.

Contact AdvoCharge today to learn how you can save on your credit card processing costs! We also find that our unique approach works especially well for the following sectors:

Franchises  & Associations

The AdvoCharge approach works for businesses of all sizes; however, associations and business owners with multiple locations or franchises really see the benefit.  Just ask our business partners like the ones below:

If you’re a franchiser or association leader, let us leverage your numbers to benefit all of your franchisees or association members.  We even offer a profit-sharing plan that rewards the parent organization for promoting the AdvoCharge approach.

If you’re a franchise owner or association member and you don’t have exceptional  rates, contact AdvoCharge right away to learn how you can get the best rates on credit card processing!  You’ll not only save yourself 40-80% over your current fees, but you’ll benefit your whole organization.


Maximize your eCommerce business profit potential!

The world of eCommerce (electronic commerce) is quite a bit different than that of brick and mortar retail business.  AdvoCharge knows how to navigate this world to ensure that all your Internet transactions are handled smoothly, securely, and quickly.

We are able to integrate with just about any shopping cart and gateway solution out there.  We can also help if you already have a customized gateway modified to meet your specific needs.

If you are a new business looking to tap into the lucrative e-Commerce world, AdvoCharge can help you avoid common pitfalls other companies encounter. By alerting you to the requirements that processing underwriters want to see on your website, we can save you time and frustration, allowing you to launch your site and start accepting sales all the more quickly.

We have a preferred partner relationship with, one of the most established and most secure Internet gateways. can work with any processor and quickly and securely route money from your ECommerce shopping cart, through the processor, and into your bank account.  The connection is fully PCI compliant and you never have to worry that you are storing or exposing your customer’s credit card information.  Staying true to our AdvoCharge philosophy, we pass on our rates secured as a reseller with to our customers with no mark-up.

Other Options

However, isn’t our only gateway solution.  We have relationships with USA ePay, TGATE/BridgePay, VirtualMerchant, Internet Secure, Beanstream, Braintree, and many others to ensure that your needs are met.


Currency Conversion

If you are interested in international markets and accepting foreign currency through your online shopping cart, ask us about our Currency Conversion options.  With currency conversion, your customers pay in their native currency and transactions convert into U.S. Dollars.



Non Profits need to stretch every penny
that’s why you need AdvoCharge!

Non-profits are usually trying to squeeze every penny to make ends meet.  Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of help through special programs in the merchant service industry – there are no discounted Interchange rate categories geared specifically toward non-profit organizations.

However, AdvoCharge can still help you make the most of every penny you spend.  Our rates save our customers dramatically, and we are sensitive to your budget.  Our rates are the lowest in the industry, and we will help you get set up with equipment at cost.  If your needs are minimal, we can often set you up with a virtual terminal where you can enter charges via a web browser from any Internet connection, which dramatically cuts your hardware expenses.

We know how to make you successful – just ask the other non-profit organizations who we have helped increase their revenue over the years:

Contact us today to learn how your non profit can save!

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