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AdvoCharge – an industry
expert for over a decade

Through our two decades of experience, we’ve developed partnerships and tools that streamline the merchant onboarding process. We have technology that takes the paper out of the paperwork and processing partners that are on our side.

Our customer centric approach has led us to partner with the most efficient processors with the most powerful tools on the market.

The benefits of AdvoCharge

Online application
with eSignatures

AdvoCharge has developed the first ever customer facing online application that syncs in real time. No more paper in the paperwork.

next day funding

Receive your funds the next day, as it should be. With our platform you have a generous 10PM EST cutoff.

Best back office for
agents & customers alike

Get cohesive and streamlined work flows effortlessly by simultaneously connecting customers and agents to our solutions.

No terminal downloads required

Our terminals arrive ready to go, making it simple for your merchants. Our processing partners assist in real time, eliminating time consuming downloads.

Application approvals
within 24 hours

Instant MID creation and same day boarding activation. No voided checks or statements required. Everything is processed straight through the our proprietary online application.

Level Two and Level
Three processing

B2B customers benefit from automatic Level II and III processing through the Virtual Terminal. No extra steps required by your merchant.

No early termination &
no cancellation fees

With no early termination or cancellation penalties, on top of our amazing rates, your merchants have every reason to sign with you today.

PCI compliance
buyrate of $0.00

With a $0.00 PCI compliance buyrate, you can mark up or pass on the savings. Our compliance is secured for you through Trustwave.

Meet your all-star suite of products

We offer a full line of products that all sync seamlessly in real time.
Transactions processed through our solutions are instantly visible in the back office allowing
business owners and agents to remotely monitor real time sales activity. Tired of terminal
downloads? Our terminals arrive plug and play for your merchants, and changes to the file can
be made instantly, making partial and full downloads a thing of the past.


All merchant accounts come with a free suite of mobile tools perfect for keeping up with the demands of day to day business. Everything syncs in real-time with the back office.


Our proprietary terminals arrive plug and play. Change parameters settings without a full or partial download. Transactional data syncs in real-time with the back office.

Virtual Terminal

All merchant accounts come with a virtual terminal technology that syncs in real-time. The virtual terminal is robust with capability and can process recurring billing and level two and three processing.


Clover Station

We offer the Clover suite of products for an in-house point of sale system ready for any business. The Clover POS units are now programmable with our processing partners.

Clover Mini/Mobile

Clover Mini is small, powerful and looks great too. It accepts all payment types and has the ability to scale up to full POS functionality. And as you grow, it can too with specialized apps from the Clover App Market.

In-Store POS

The iPad POS solution for retail and restaurants is the ideal low cost system. Sync any iPad for an easy sell and simple integration. It’s perfect fit for those who don’t want a large initial investment.

Need more convincing?

We didn’t think so.

Awesome agent support

We put our agents first by choosing partners with no hold times and 24/7 in house support.
We offer the premiere communication center in the merchant service space.

24/7 in-house support
No hold time for agents
Intuitive ticketing system

Frequently asked questions

We like to keep things as simple as possible for you, but you may have more in-depth
questions. Visit our FAQ section for all the nitty gritty details.

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