How to do Local SEO with a Virtual Office Address

How to do Local SEO with a Virtual Office Address

Having grown up in the Front Range entrepreneurial community, AdvoCharge wants to do what it can to give other businesses the resources they need to excel in their field. In Boulder, high tech firms rub shoulders with organic farmers and fashion store owners at the local breweries. Robotics manufacturers and restaurateurs trade cards with yoga aficionados and artists. It’s a stunningly diverse and vibrant business environment and with all the resources available for so many different fields, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone as they expand or move offices, particularly if their local SEO is mishandled along the way.

Not many business owners know where all of their business information is hosted online, in such places as Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, and more. It’s important to know that the information on these directories is copied onto dozens of other online local directories, which can cause a nightmare if you move offices and don’t do the necessary online clean-up work (even more so if your business is moving within the same city or you are moving more than once a year).

Location, Location, Location

In Boulder County, location is a hugely important factor to consider when moving your business to the next level such as from a home office to a larger business complex. Moving into your first real office is an important step for any business and it’s vital to make that step right. After months or years in your home office or garage, when you are ready to strike out on your own you’ll need to weigh the costs and return on every office investment you make from staples to client relations services.

Intelligent_Office_LogoThe same is true when moving your existing business to a new location. If you haven’t heard of coworking spaces or Intelligent Office solutions, give them a look before you decide on what your next address is going to be. Presenting your business as organized and professional will be essential throughout your company’s life. Whether you are running a consultancy, getting a start-up off the ground, or freelancing for contract work, putting your best foot forward is vital to letting potential clients know you’ll provide high quality service. Intelligent Office can tailor an office environment to meet your needs where your company will get the service it needs. Having a virtual office also benefits your local SEO rankings for the long-term as you can move your operations as needed IRL (in real life) while your online information stays the same.

Local SEO Listings – Create, Edit, or Delete?

Simply being found can be a challenge for new businesses. This is true for retail space as it is true for your company’s website. It’s doubly hard when a business moves, gets a new number, or both, and old information is populated all over the internet.  Put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. What are they typing into a search engine that will help them find you? Are they looking up your site on a desktop or a smartphone?  If you already know about search engine optimization, then you know how important these questions are to getting found online. If you’re not as familiar with Local SEO, read this blog post on relocating your business while avoiding a local SEO nightmare.ramblinJackson_logo_sml

If you need some help breaking down the analytics and working through the numbers, consider reaching out to a marketing firm with local expertise. Ramblin Jackson is a marketing group that specializes in helping small and medium business in Colorado get found online. Their staff are certified Google Partners with training in SEO, link building, video production, photography, site design, content generation, and PPC. In short, they can work within your budget to make sure people are discovering your business online and loving your website.

At AdvoCharge, we are proud to provide cost effective merchant services to companies along the Front Range in Colorado. In recent years we’re pleased to watch the local economy flourish and see the impact of our effort in the community. We look forward to watching our business partners grow in the year ahead.

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