Congrats to Orbotix, Skratch Labs and 7D Imaging for IQ Award Nominations!

Congrats to Orbotix, Skratch Labs and 7D Imaging for IQ Award Nominations!

The Boulder County Business Report’s 2013 IQ Awards nominees were announced today and we are thrilled to share that three of our clients (Orbotix, Skratch Labs, and 7D Imaging) are all nominees.  Big congrats for making it this far and best of luck bringing home the gold!


The maker of the Sphero, a robotic ball controlled by a smartphone, has entered augmented reality. This Boulder-based company has developed the Sphero AR Unity Plugin that allows developers with a little .NET experience and no background in robotics to coordinate robot behavior with virtual content. Sphero’s more than 25 apps, such as Sharky the Beaver, allows a person to control a Sphero ball and the display shows video coming from the back-facing camera of the mobile device showing an animated beaver rendered over the ball. On the screen, it appears as if you are driving a 3-D cartoon character around your living room.

Skratch Labs:

This Boulder-based company led by Dr. Allen Lim’s research created Exercise Hydration Mix, an all-natural energy/hydration drink using the correct ratios of electrolytes for optimal performance for athletes. It uses dried fruit for flavoring and colors.

7D Imaging:

This Boulder-based company is developing software to enhance education of ultrasonographers and patients. The software can be used at the bedside during an ultrasound examination as an interactive, digital reference and teaching guide. It contains ultrasound and anatomical information. The ultrasound images and illustrations in the software may be used as a visual teaching tool to help educate patients about their condition.

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