It’s true.  Nearly all businesses must accept credit cards to compete and to stay in business.   But, credit card processing fees can dent your bottom line.

AdvoCharge guarantees to save you money.  It may be $50, or it may be $2000 – but in the span of your many years in business, your would-be profits ad up fast.

If you process over $5,000/mo. via credit/debit cards and you aren’t using AdvoCharge – you are paying too much.

Getting Started:

Send us your last 2 months of credit card processing statements and we’ll prove it to you.  Most people have a difficult time reading their statements and therefore, just assume they are paying what is fair.  Don’t be fooled; those statements are intentionally complicated for just that reason.  We are your merchant service advocate and we will educate you on how to read your statement and feel confident that you finally have an ally in the merchant service industry.

Call today and find out how much your profits will increase when you switch – for the last time – to AdvoCharge.

We are your advocate – Our Proof Is In Your Profits.

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