3 Things NOT to Do When Changing Credit Card Processors

3 Things NOT to Do When Changing Credit Card Processors

Like many businesses looking ahead to 2015, you may be thinking about ways that your company can cut down on overhead costs and save some money this coming year. If you haven’t considered how much you are spending every year on credit card processing and merchant services we’d strongly encourage you give it some thought.

AdvoCharge is dedicated to providing top notch merchant services to companies along the Front Range in Colorado and across the nation. We pride ourselves on our fair prices and superb customer service, but even if you don’t decide to work with us this year there are a few things you should absolutely not do when changing credit card processors.

DON’T Neglect Your Research

Many other merchant service vendors out there make a lot of big promises on what they can deliver for your business. Before you sign on the dotted line, take a minute to read reviews on Google, Yelp, and other online services for that vendor; then research if they are a member of any reputable local trade organizations (such as the Boulder Chamber); and most importantly, read through all the testimonials people have written about the merchant service company on their website (if they have any). If someone takes the time and energy to write a thoughtful review, you should give their opinion due consideration. Of course, we may be a little biased as AdvoCharge has been fortunate to receive some great testimonials over the years from our partners in Boulder and beyond.

DON’T Forget to Comb Through the Fine Print on Fees

In the Internet of Things, we are constantly confronted with endless legal blather and paperwork. Every time we update the software for our smartphone or make an online purchase we have to agree to a veritable tomb of licensing agreements. Most people never bother to read these agreements and they just click through without giving the agreements much thought. Never take this approach with credit card processing services. Many unscrupulous vendors will hide hidden fees in their contracts or worse still, they will omit certain information in the copy you sign altogether. It may seem ridiculous, but make sure to check the page numbers on your contract and get a complete photocopy of the document signed and dated by both parties. AdvoCharge prides itself on offering our clients clear, fair terms.

DON’T Choose Slick Over Secure

The most vital aspect of a credit card processing service is that it handle your information safely. Don’t let your business become just another headline in the ongoing saga of companies’ credit card processing systems being hacked and customer’s information leaked online. AdvoCharge keeps on the cutting edge of payment security. For months now we’ve been discussing the emergence of NFC enabled cards and how that is going to affect security in the industry. If your credit card processing service isn’t aware of upcoming changes to their industry, they may be a little behind the times. No matter how slick a company’s sales presentation may be, always be certain of their security promises and if they can follow through on them.

Still have questions about what to look for when switching credit card processing services? AdvoCharge is standing by to help. Contact us today!

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