3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Use AdvoCharge

3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Use AdvoCharge

At AdvoCharge, we have had the privilege to offer our services to companies and organizations in a wide variety of industries along the Front Range in Colorado. From our partners at the Boulder County AIDS Project to Intercambio, AdvoCharge has worked with some amaZING non-profits in the last few years. There are a number of reasons why non-profit organizations in Boulder and around Colorado should consider AdvoCharge for their merchant service needs, but we’d like to share just three of them with you.

No Money to Waste on Fees

The people who help manage non-profits love what they do, and don’t do it for the sole purpose of making money. As these organizations often rely on the amaZING generosity of their donors there is very little money to waste. Of course, we want to save all our customers from surprise fees, but given the nature of non-profit organizations they are particularly sensitive to unforeseen shortfalls in their budgets. A disciplined budget, financial strategy, and top notch merchant service tools are essential for the operation and long term survival of a successful non-profit. AdvoCharge is a great choice in this regard because we pride ourself on offering a fair deal without the tricky contracts you’ll see from other merchant service firms.

Transparency is a Non-Profit’s Lifeblood

For most non-profits, being upfront with their donors about where their money is being spent is essential. Many potential donors will want to make sure that a given non-profit’s financial house is in order before they give. Plus, when applying for a grant it is absolutely essential that a non-profit be able to clearly demonstrate a history of its spending and transactions. Unfortunately, many great causes do not get the funding they need to make a difference because they don’t have the time to pull these essential materials together. AdvoCharge makes it easy to document and present an organization’s transaction history so rather than spending time on confusing expense reports non-profits can give more attention to the causes they care about.

Customized Merchant Services to Meet Your Non-Profit Needs

Nonprofits have unique needs. Merchant services for these organizations need to be agile and up to date as possible. Especially for new non-profit organizations, determining a strategy for processing donations is absolutely essential. Does an organization need to be able to take credit/debit card charges on a tablet or at their storefront location? Do they raise most of their funds online? How do they plan to display their transaction history with potential donors? These questions have to be answered before a non-profit can get out of start up mode and start making a big difference here in Boulder and beyond. AdvoCharge can help answer these questions for non-profits and guide them on their way to greater growth and bigger impact.

For more information on what AdvoCharge can do for Non-Profit Organizations please visit our non-profit page and reach out to us with any questions. Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from your organization in the New Year!

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