We’re owners of an independent business,
just like you.

Before we were AdvoCharge, we were small business owners with a local pizza shop.

For years, we endured merchant service sales reps who promised incredible savings and great service.
They lied. So, we put away our aprons and picked up our shield.

We became AdvoCharge and took matters into our own hands.

You don't have the time or money to mess around!
You’re running a business.

Accepting credit card payments doesn’t have to be painful.

Do you wince when a customer whips out a credit card?

Dread your interactions with merchant service sales reps?

We get it! We endured merchant service sales reps who promised incredible savings and great service. They lied. In the end, they didn’t have our back and they don’t have yours.

Taking credit cards should increase profits.

We knew there was a better way to do business. We started researching. We asked a ton of questions. We learned how the industry works. Before we knew it, our friends were coming to us for advice.

And so began AdvoCharge.

At AdvoCharge, we educate you so that you can make the best decisions when it comes to credit card processing. As business owners, we know the dishonest tricks that the sales reps can play. So, we make it our goal to do the exact opposite.

In other words:

No Hidden Fees

No Tiered Pricing

No Rate Increases

No Set Up Fees

Never a Cancellation Fee

True cost pricing with Savings of 70-90% (on average) over the fees paid to your former processor

We’ve partnered with almost all the national processors, so we’ll find a card processor that best meets your needs. Unlike other providers, we won’t force you into a service that is not the best fit for your business.

We help you take charge!

Imagine, a company that’s in it for you?

The more our customers know, the more they feel empowered.
That’s why we created our Merchant Services 101: educational portal.

Not only does it pay to accept credit cards, it pays even more to be informed.

Would I recommend AdvoCharge? Now, I just don’t throw out recommendations, but in this case I can say that I have been very pleased with their service and support and would recommend AdvoCharge and their team without question.

-- Frank Ament, Owner multiple Fantastic Sams locations (franchise)

Curious about How it Works?
We help you take charge!

Email us today at save@advocharge.com