Save Without Switching

Lower processing rates
See savings in just days

You don’t have to be stuck with high rates

We know that implementing a new processor can be time-consuming and involved, particularly if you have a Point of Sale System, or complex workflow.  Additionally, cancellation fees can be prohibitively expensive (sometimes thousands to tens-of-thousands of dollars) and make you feel like you are stuck with a bad rate. AdvoCharge can change that. AdvoCharge prides itself on securing exceptional rates for our clients with the highest level of customer support. Think of us as your merchant service advocates.

How does it work?

Our Save Without Switching program can be a huge advantage for merchants on many different levels.  First, we analyze your current statement and determine what we could save you with our brokered rates with the processor.  With this information in mind and with your permission, we leverage our rates at cost and industry knowledge to facilitate your rate reduction.  We know the best methods of negotiating with processors so that they will agree to our terms.  Some processors will come down lower than others, and we know where their break-point is.

  • Pay no cancellation fees
  • No new contracts
  • Save 40 – 70% each month
  • See saving in just days

What is the cost to you?

Our compensation is only a small percentage of the overall monthly savings we secure. You save money, no matter what.

Why not?

Since our Save without Switching program comes at no cost and no risk, we can’t see a reason not to. You keep your relationship with your provider and we do the work for you! Everyone wins.