We call it the AdvoCharge Advantage...

...and it’s all about our unique approach to combining the Interchange Pricing Model (Visa/MC fees) with processing fees at cost.

Wait, what is Interchange?

Annoying jargon aside, here’s what you need to know: Interchange (the industry fees we can't avoid) represents the "true cost" of accepting credit cards as set by Visa® and MasterCard®.

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Unlike other pricing models such as tiered pricing (qualified, mid-qual, non-qual) or enhanced bill-back, both of which hide fees, Interchange is a transparent pricing model that shows exactly what credit cards you’ve accepted each month and exactly how much you’re paying to accept them. Lots of companies say they use Interchange, but then they tack on hidden charges and additional fees.

Not us.

The more our customers know, the more they feel empowered. That’s why we created our Merchant Services 101: educational portal.

How we work: The AdvoCharge Advantage

We’re different. In conjunction with using the Interchange Pricing Model, we negotiate low rates with the card processors and pass these savings on to you. That means you run payment transactions at the rates we’ve negotiated with the processor… with no upcharge against transactions or monthly volume.

You save 70-90% (on average) over the fees
paid to your previous processor!

We call that the AdvoCharge Advantage.

So, you’re probably asking, “What’s in it for AdvoCharge?”

We’re glad you asked. In exchange for our exceptional service and support (and saving you loads of money), we are compensated by a low, fixed fee called the Advocate Fee.

Take a look at the graph to see how it all works.

Additionally, because we aren’t locked in with any one
credit card processer, neither are you!

AdvoCharge has been super helpful in keeping our credit card processing as painless as possible. Their customer service is top notch and we've always enjoyed working with them.

-- Greg Lefcourt, Director of Retail Operations, Ozo Coffee Company

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Advantage Savings Analysis

We remove the confusion from your current processing statements and educate you about the industry. We’ll show you exactly how much you are currently paying (including hidden fees) and show you what your savings will be with the AdvoCharge Advantage.
It’s easy! Just provide us with two consecutive statements and we’ll have a Free AdvoCharge Advantage Savings Analysis back to you within 48 hours.